Start Running

Running is the simplest sport and you can start today!

People start running for all sorts of valid reasons. Some start to lose weight, some to prove something to themselves or to others, some start to overcome adversity or a broken heart, and others start for a plethora of other reasons. If you want to start running, we know, in time you will love it. But why not put your newly acquired skill in service of others? Running is the simplest of sports. It requires a body (any type of body), a pair of shoes (the right kind for you), and a mind. To become an endurance runner, all you need is the same thing, but more dedication and passion. We can help you with your running objectives. We can coach you from day one and accompany you to where you want to go in your running. But if you want to go the extra mile (well, a bit more than one), we can help there too. Contact us to ask any question about starting to run, we will get back to you ASAP.