So, what’s next?

As soon as I completed my last “One Run For One Life” run from Montréal to Quebec City, people kept asking me what I had planned next. I did not plan anything, but something very cool came to me.

Normally, I would not take on two major events in the same year. Not because I can’t, but because I get pretty busy in the year’s last quarter. But this year, despite being busy, it seems like I will finish the year with a run that I would have never thought to perform.

Closing the year with a bang

Contrary to typical “One Run For One Life” events, I thought it would be cool to engage in a run that would benefit an organization that helps children with cancer. So, why this departure from what I normally do, which is to try to help one life at a time with my running abilities? Well, I’m not changing my mission. I am extending the work I started when I ran my last “One Run For One Life” event to help Malik Fontaine and his family. As you may remember, Malik is a five-year-old boy with a severe case of leukemia. His parents and I used to work together over a decade ago. I wanted to help them by raising awareness and funds so they could go through this difficult 24-month period during which Malik will undergo a very aggressive treatment to fight his leukemia. I hope I did help them. You can learn more about the event at The organization I want to support is in line with Malik’s condition. It is the Charles Bruneau Foundation. This great organization’s work focuses on giving all children with cancer the best chances of recovery by financing research and supporting the development of projects in pediatric hematology and oncology.

Running for 24 hours straight

I will participate in the 2022 edition of the “24H Tremblant” (
Tremblant’s 24h is Quebec’s #1 winter sport challenge. From Saturday, December 10, noon, until Sunday, December 11, noon, teams of 6 to 12 participants relay each other for 24 consecutive hours by skiing, snowboarding, alpine touring, walking, running or walking & running. In the weeks leading up to the event, participants undertake a donation drive from which all profits go to three foundations dedicated to children’s causes. Again, the one I’m supporting is the Charles Bruneau Foundation.

As you already know, I prefer not to do what everybody else does. Therefore, I will differentiate myself from the other teams by running the whole 24 hours solo. No relay! Just little old me, trotting for twenty-four hours straight and trying to cover the maximum number of kilometres possible. I will be part of a team, but they will do their thing while I do mine. To my knowledge, I am the only participant authorized to attempt the complete 24h solo run. I hope my attempt will raise additional awareness and stimulate as many as possible to donate generously to the Charles Bruneau Foundation.

How does this event tie in with my work with Malik? The foundation helps children with cancer, and Malik is one of the children sponsored by the 24h Tremblant (for more about Malik and the event, go to

Last words

I do not know the maximum distance I can cover in 24 hours. I will aim for 160 km (100 miles) in 24h. Can I do it? I don’t know, but I give you my word that I will push as hard as my body and mind will allow me to get as close as possible to 160 km (about four marathons) or more. What I do know for sure is that it is going to be a very long day and a formidable challenge. It will certainly be the hardest run I have ever undertaken because I will have to run until I drop.

I am counting on all of you to donate as much as you can afford, and I thank you in advance for your generosity.

Training start on Saturday, October 1.