Running from Vancouver to Montréal

An epic 5,000 km run across Canada

From June 1 to July 31, 2020

My name is Patrick Michel. On June 1, 2020, I'll start a 5,000 km run from Vancouver (BC) back to Montréal (QC). This massive run across Canada will span over 60 consecutive days, at the insane daily rate of 84 km per day. Yes, that’s two marathons per day, on asphalt and gravel. Over the Rockies, across the Plaines, around the Grand Lakes, all the way back to Montréal. Sound crazy, right? It is. But nothing great has ever been accomplished without hard and brave work.

If you have any questions:

An Epic Solo Run across Canada

Starting in








A 5,000 km run across Canada

8 Major Canadian Cities

Running Solo & Unsupported

120 Back-to-Back Marathons

2 Marathons per day for 60 consecutive days

Raising Awareness and Funds for XXXX

You can help by donating to this cause

You can be a sponsor to help make this event take place

Why I’m doing this

I’m undertaking this monumental run to raise awareness and funds to fight XXXX. I firmly believe that if people get together and focus on this very important cause, we can move the needle substantially and offer much needed financial assistance to those who desperately silently scream for help.

How much do I want to help raise?

The total amount I want to raise for this cause is around $XXXX. I know it’s possible, but only with your help. Whether you donate $10 or $1,000 or if your company elects to sponsor the event to help me put it together, every little effort counts. Alone we are but one drop, together we have the force of an ocean!

My promise to you

I’ll be running alone and unsupported, which means that I’ll run through absolute misery, carrying everything I need to run, camp, and eat. But my promise to you is that I will overcome everything and anything thrown at me during this 5,000 km humanitarian mission. In addition to the thousands of kilometers I’m currently covering in training to prepare, I’m putting everything I am and everything I own on the line for this event. I’m committed. I’m all in. This is how I believe I can help raise as much awareness as humanly possible to inspire people to donate and support this cause. Those who already know me, know that I don’t do half measures!

How you can help

Personal or Corporate Donations:

We’re accepting donations on our site and they will be forwarded to the humanitarian organization involved with me on this mission. Donations are distance and milestone-based. In other words, you donate to sponsor a chunk or segment of the run.

Here is a list of the donation increments:

Please refer to my donation page for details.


Corporate Sponsorships:

To make this event a reality, a mandatory amount of money is required. None of it is going into our lifestyle or our cost of living before the event. 100% of the sponsorships go into the the event itself, including nutrition, hydration, gear, logistics, medical, transportation, and the occasional motel.

The sponsorship structure is as follows:

Please refer to my sponsorship page for details of what each level offers.


Following and Sharing:

Social media is a big component of a successful awareness campaign. We would appreciate it if you could share our content on your social media platforms and subscribe to my newsletter. We will only send you one update per month, that’s all. No spamming, no selling of your information, and no cross-selling for other organizations. We value your privacy as much as we do ours.

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OK, we appreciate your time and we’re grateful that you took the time to read what we had to say. So this sums it up for now.
If you’re interested in helping out, please do so today by visiting our support page.

Do the right thing today and be a hero!

Thanks in advance.

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If you want to sponsor us with products that are innovative, proven, and useful to us during our training sessions and throughout our athletic humanitarian events, please contact us.