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We have an array of donation brackets to suit every budget. Let your heart choose which one.

Sponsor Half a Stage (42 KM)


Buy a 42 KM Half Stage out of the 120 that I will run across Canada on my 60-day run from Vancouver to Montréal, starting June 1, 2020. Every dollar sponsored goes into logistics, nutrition, and gear.

Half a stage is essentially a marathon or 42 kilometres. It represents just about half a day of running. To be able to complete this massive run, I have to be as economical as possible and not overextend myself by running too fast. By sponsoring a half-stage you are basically supporting 4 hours of my day.

Each dollar counts, as does each step I take to get me closer to the finish line in Montréal. Regardless of if you donate or not, I want to thank you in advance for your donation and for the time you took to read these few lines.

Patrick Michel

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