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We have an array of donation brackets to suit every budget. Let your heart choose which one.

Sponsor One Kilometre


Sponsor 1 kilometre out of the 5,000 that I will run across Canada on my 60-day run from Vancouver to Montréal, starting June 1, 2020. Every dollar sponsored goes into logistics, nutrition, and gear.

Sponsoring a single kilometre out of 5,000 is not a big thing at first glance, but in order for me to be able to go the distance and not lose my mind and focus, I have to only think one kilometre at a time. Your donation will help me cover that kilometre, then perhaps someone else will sponsor the next one, or maybe you again will help me cover the next and so on.

Each dollar counts, as does each step I take to get me closer to the finish line in Montréal. Regardless of if you donate or not, I want to thank you in advance for your donation and for the time you took to read these few lines.

Patrick Michel

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