One Run For One Life

Running to Raise Awareness and Funds,
One Cause at a Time

One Run For One Life was created in 2019 when I set aside my run from Vancouver to Montréal and, instead, ran 5,000 km on a treadmill to help prolong Derek Johnston’s life by raising awareness and funds to help pay for his living costs in San Diego, CA.

After running for sixty consecutive days at a rate of 84 km per day (two marathons), the experience lit a fire under me and triggered my desire to help more people and live a part of my life in service of others.

While I undertake runs that are out of the mainstream and usually way beyond the marathon distance, I try to promote these events the best I can to have the general public make donations supporting the various causes I choose to help.

If my work inspires you, you can donate to the people or organizations I support while I run. You can also volunteer to help me with logistics, crewing and other tasks. Finally, you can join me and run with me during the event.


Running the Icelandic Ring Road to Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis
1,332 km
July 1 to 25, 2023


Running From Montréal to Quebec City to Help Malik and His Family
270 km
August 25 to 28, 2022


Running 5,000 km on a Treadmill to Help Prolong a Life
5,000 km
June 1 to July 31, 2019