Frequently asked questions

What we do is kind of unusual at best and we understand that you may have a few questions for us.

Here are a few answers to the basic questions we are asked when we talk about what we do to people who don’t know us yet. We hope they help you get to know us better.

You have other questions?


Why is your organization called BRAVEWERK?

BRAVEWERK is born from the idea that our society has become soft, weak, and always trying to doing more with less effort, and in the end not really accomplishing anything with real substance. At BRAVEWERK, we don’t choose the path of least resistance.

We crave hard challenges, we aim for perfection, knowing very well that it can never be attained, but believing in our hearts that this pursuit will deliver excellence in everything we do. And that goes for what we try to accomplish in all our humanitarian athletic missions.

We take on challenges that are not for the faint of heart. What we do is very hard on an easy day. It requires very special individuals, the uncommon amongst uncommon to engage in these events and survive them.

So, in essence, we do brave work that helps raise awareness and funds for causes that you want to support by using our athletic talents, unleashing our physical and mental strength to complete these incredible feats, and bring attention to those in need.

So, yes, BRAVEWERK it is!

What causes do you want to help support?

First, we do not take on humanitarian missions that do not align with our beliefs or our core values. However, if the causes you want to help support align with what we believe in, you are welcome to contact us and discuss them. Together, we will find a way to make incredible things happen. Your first step will be to display an uncommon desire to trigger change. Then magic happens!

Do you need volunteers?

We welcome the help of volunteers in many areas of the planning, organizing, and execution of our events. We do not treat them like slaves, but we require that one who volunteers to take on a task, completes it to 100% of our satisfaction, not their’s. If you feel you can’t commit fully to the responsibility you want to take on or don’t have the required talent, do yourself a favour and don’t volunteer. But if you feel you can be an agent of change and a valuable asset to our missions, please, by all means, apply to become a volunteer!

How do you fund your humanitarian missions?

The type of events we put plan and execute are multi-day (sometimes multi-month) missions and therefore they require funding. We rely on our own money as well as the generous funding from personal and corporate sponsors.

These sponsorships can be financial, product or service-based, or provided by the addition staff to our team.

Sponsorships are structured based on incremental levels of commitment.

Can athletes join and participate in your events?

Yes, they can. But they must submit to a very hard series of physical and mental tests to determine as much as possible if they have what it takes to survive our events. Also, they have to prove that they can commit to the time required to train and execute these athletic feats. Time is an essential ingredient in our athletes’ training.

Think twice. What we do is not for the week-end warrior, not by a long shot! But if you have the heart, and we will test that claim, please apply to join our team of uncommon individuals!

I'm a beginner runner. Can I still join in?

Yes, you can. But it will require time to reach the level required to take on smaller challenges. We can train you, motivate you, and help you build that bullitproof mind that will make you strong, focused, and will never allow you to quit.

Your first step is to truly want to accept the level of suffering that comes with the job.

Can you accept that? You can? Then apply.


What are the donations for?

The donations that you generously make are exclusively used to support the causes that benefit from the humanitarian athletic events we plan, organize, and execute. These donations are not used to finance these events, unless clearly specified in the event page and on the donation page.

What percentage of the donations are forwarded to the causes?

100% of the amounts donated are redirected to the causes, minus the transactions fees charged by the service providers such as PayPal and potential others that we may use in the future.

When are the funds forwarded to the causes?

The total amount raised is forwarded to the organizations that support the causes we raise awareness and fund for through our humanitarian athletic missions at the end of these events. Typically there is a wrap-up (a “post mortem” or an “after action report”) as soon as the event is completed. Then the amounts are send out to the organizations with a report summarizing and explaining the amounts shown on the report. Then our job is done and the mission is closed and filed.

Do you issue donation certificates for taxe purposes?

We do not provide donations certificates. However, the organizations we help support do. All you need to do is create an account when you make your donation and fill out the form so they know who you are and where to send you the certificate. The certificates will only be issued and sent once the event is completed. Each organization has its own timeframe and internal processes. We are not in control of how much time will be necessary for these organizations to supply you with the certificates. Usually it takes a few days.

Do you refund donations?

Donations are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the events.

How do you make a living?

We don’t pay ourselves out off the money raised from donations. We take on strategic and marketing freelance mandates. Interested in giving us one? Contact us.


What are the sponsorships for?

The sponsorships are dedicated to the planning, organization, and execution of our athletic humanitarian events. Essentially, the funds, products, and services that are provided as sponsorships are exclusively used for gear, logistics, crew, food, medical, and other potential expenses incurred DURING the event.

Are the sponsors contributing to your training prior to the events?

They do not, unless clearly specified in the sponsorship agreement or if the if the sponsored items are required in training (gear, nutrition products, etc.). However, the funds are only used during the event.

What is the required amount associated with each sponsorship level?

The amounts required for each level of sponsorship are determined on a case-by-case basis. The reason for that is that we want to make sure each sponsor gets his fair share of the total exposure across the nation. Therefore, we need to discuss with the potential sponsors what their respective goals are and what marketing strategies and tactics are planned or are currently in place in these organizations. However, we have a sponsorship comparison table that displays a for-discussion preliminary list of exposure items. For more information on sponsorships, contact us.

What can be offered as sponsorship?

Our athletic humanitarian events require quite a lot of resources. Sponsors can contribute in any way they want.

Here is a list of what we accept by default:

  • Money in Canadian dollars, US dollars or Euros
  • Products, only those required for the event or training
  • Manpower to help with logistics
  • Social media exposure on currently run platforms by the potential organizations
  • Inclusion in ads, video clips, or other media, if appropriate
  • Anything else must be clearly defined and approved prior to the signature of the agreement

Who can become a sponsor?

First, the sponsor must align with our core values. Second, it must not be a company that offers products or services that are dangerous to one’s health, banned substances, chemically addictive products, or anything else we deem inappropriate. Third, the potential sponsor must have the means to engage in sponsorship activities at the time the sponsorship agreement is signed. In other words, the sponsorship money, products, or services must be forwarded at the signature of the contract, unless specified otherwise by both parties. No reimbursements of expenses will be accepted (Don’t say “advance the expenses and we will reimburse you when you send us the invoices”). Tobacco companies, as well as alcohol producers, drug manufacturers and distributors, or any organization currently under investigation in relation to child abuse, slavery, corruption, gender, racial or religious discrimination are by default unacceptable to us and approval is not negotiable, regardless of what is offered. We reserve the right to disqualify any organization we feel will cast a negative public opinion over our events, whether it is justified or not.

Is the sponsored money refundable?

Sponsorship money is non-refundable, as it is already committed to mission expenses early in the preparation for the event. Cancellation of the event or if the sponsor changes its mind do not imply that a refund will take place.

How can we discuss a potential sponsorship?

We can meet with potential sponsors if we can get to them. Otherwise, we’re technologically savvy and can figure out alternatives to expensive travelling. On the other hand, if they absolutely want to see us in person, we’ll accept prepaid and pre-arranged travel plans.

As a potential sponsor, what do you want?

If you want to sponsor us, think about it in advance to make sure you know what you want us to deliver in terms of value for your brand. Also, if sponsoring us is not in your plans, It’s OK, we’ll still meet or have a chat with you.

Does sponsor money finance you during training?

We don’t use the money from sponsors to finance our lifestyles. We do strategy and marketing freelance work for that. If you’re interested in trying us out, contact us.