Since the 90’s, we have been promised that remote working was on its way

I refuse to transfer unnecessary overhead costs to my clients

Back in the days, I had offices and all the necessary “requirements” that were needed to project the stereotypical image of a successful agency. And yes, we had the foosball and the pool table, sofas, espresso machine, and the rest. The office space was great, and business was good. Unfortunately for our customers, our professional quality of life came at a cost. These additional expenses had to transfer to someone else for us to remain a viable organization. This concept always made me feel uneasy.

I eventually decided to move away from this antiquated business model to a highly flexible and cost effective structure. And I never looked back. The quality of the work should never depend on price..

I operate now with a very minimalistic structure. I only surround myself with a team that can deliver what my clients need. That team is highly dynamic and is in constant evolution to comply with the expertise required by each mandate. This way of staffing means that you get the best of both worlds: top quality and competitive pricing at all times. Another awesome advantage of this structure is that it is highly scalable and can grow or shrink to accommodate massive projects and smaller endeavours while remaining cost-effective for all involved parties. No more quote padding, no more creative administration, no more waste of time and resources, and most of all, no more pesky timesheets!

In 2019, because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, remote working became our new reality. This work mode became acceptable, not because the technology was ready and powerful enough, but because we were forced into confinement and had no other choice but to cope with its shortcomings. Fortunately, by necessity, technological improvements accelerated almost instantly. Now, in my line of business, there is no longer the need for expensive square footage and unnecessary or costly perks. I do my best work on my sofa, sipping an exquisite cup of coffee, on a long solitary walk on the mountain or via a videoconferencing with my crew. Before COVID-19, 95% of my face-to-face meetings were held at clients’ offices or in the relaxed atmosphere of local cafés. I’m back to that form of business communication, minus the unnecessary overhead and infrastructure. It’s a win-win for all parties. Bonus!