About me

My name is Patrick Michel.

I love running. Whether I run 10 km or 3,209 km, my passion for running is a constant in my life. For more than a decade that passion has never faded. In fact, it grows stronger year after year.

When I focus my running on charity

I’ve never been an athlete. In fact, to this very day, I still believe I’m not an athlete. I’m an endurance runner, the least understood type of runner.

What is an endurance runner?

An endurance runner is a runner who believes himself to be an endurance runner. In other words, he has an unbreakable belief that he can endure everything distance running throws at him each time he decides to lace up. When he runs a distance that tests his body, mind and soul, pushing himself beyond the point at which everything in his being screams at him to stop, he is an endurance runner. Be it running 5 km or 5,000 km, persevering beyond your current endurance threshold makes you an endurance runner. The exciting thing is that each time you push harder and prevail, you’re increasing your capacity to endure a little more, and you become an even tougher endurance runner.

People often look at runners like me with admiration and envy. Then, they quickly shift to wondering what kind of person voluntarily schedules suffering and enjoys every minute of it. They see us as people with an addiction, irresponsible, egocentric, selfish, obsessed, and borderline crazy.

In reality, we are passionate, dedicated, and driven by an unwavering desire to improve ourselves. We love pushing our limits, and we strive to become better individuals. Running long distances is inexplicably positively transformative. But you must be willing to pay the price. It’s hard work.

I’m by no means unique. Around the world, hundreds of thousands engage in endurance running. But as distances increase, the number of individuals willing to subject themselves to the pain decreases rapidly. It’s no longer about the body. It’s a mind thing.

This mental capacity to overcome anything life throws at you is the real benefit of endurance running.

I’d love to help you step into this world, but you must be willing to take the first step by contacting me.

I’m looking forward to it.