We do brave work that raises the bar, awareness, and funds to help support causes that are important to you.

In my experience, there is nothing more fulfilling, exciting, and noble than helping someone in need. Some of us will go out of our way for a close friend, a family member, or a loved one. Of course, others will won’t lift a finger… People are free to do what they want, I suppose.

Patrick Michel

At BRAVEWERK, we believe that helping others, especially if they can never pay you back the favor, is most probably the grandest gesture a human being can do for another.

We know from experience that when tragedy hits, there are only a few generous individuals who will step up and do the impossible for another or a community. Unfortunately, we are very much aware that not enough is done to help victims of our dog-eats-dog society. We also sincerely believe that the world would become a greater place for all if we taught our children, from their very first day on Earth, that sharing, helping and caring are what really make things work. To be continued…

At BRAVEWERK, we do brave work to raises the bar, awareness, and funds to help special causes by undertaking uncommon athletic feats that capture people’s attention and direct their focus on these same causes.

We want to help your organization or you personally support the causes you care about by using our talents. So, as of 2020, BRAVEWERK will also take on challenges on behalf of others to help raise awareness and funds for their causes. For example, let’s say a hospital needs to raise funds for a new neonatal ward and wants to do something uncommon as a promotional stunt, we can help. Or, maybe a person afflicted by disease requires funds beyond what medicare and medical insurances can provide. Here again, we can help. A family could be struck by tragedy and in need of assistance to get by for a while… There are causes that we will not help support if they do not align with our own beliefs.

That’s the short introduction to what we do, but there is a lot more under the hood.

If you’re interested in supporting a cause that needs public attention, if you want to donate to support a cause we are already fighting for, or if you want to join our team and do uncommon things, please get in touch with us.

Also, you can take a peek at our FAQ page. It will give plenty of information off the bat.

Until then, have a great day!