My name is Patrick Michel

I don’t want a finisher’s t-shirt, medals, belt buckles, and I don’t train to be the best.

All I want is to run freely, discover my 100% and help others by putting my running abilities to work.


Running to raise awareness and help others

2023 – Upcoming Project
What’s next? I bet you’d like to know!

Well, I’m keeping this one under wraps for now, as the many pieces of the puzzle must still come together, and because people have bailed on me at the last minute before, I will remain prudent.

But stay tuned, I will announce it soon enough.

2022 – Cancelled
Running solo for 24 hours straight

UPDATE: The team I was supposed to be a part of has decided not to run or walk, but chose to ski instead. As a consequence, I am no longer allowed to run solo. Bummer! Oh well, I’ll focus on my next project.

I will participate in the 2022 edition of the “24H Tremblant” (https://www.24htremblant.com.)
Tremblant’s 24h is Quebec’s #1 winter sport challenge. From Saturday, December 10, noon, until Sunday, December 11, noon, teams of 6 to 12 participants relay each other for 24 consecutive hours by skiing, snowboarding, alpine touring, walking, running or walking & running. In the weeks leading up to the event, participants undertake a donation drive from which all profits go to three foundations dedicated to children’s causes. Again, the one I’m supporting is the Charles Bruneau Foundation.

While all other teams will perform their respective sports and team members relay each other, to my knowledge, I will be the only one running the whole 24-hour event solo.

2022 – Completed Project
Running from Montreal to Quebec City to Help Malik and his family

Malik Fontaine is a 5-year-old child and the son of Mélanie McCann and Martin Fontaine. He has been diagnosed with high-risk (grade 4) acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).
From August 25 to 28, 2022, I will run from Montréal’s Sainte-Justine Hospital to the CHU de Québec-Université Laval to raise awareness and funds to help Malik and his parents.

2019 – Completed Project
Running 5,000 KM on a treadmill to 
save a life

Derek Johnston has kidney cancer. He is a Canadian citizen living in the United States in San Diego. Although his experimental treatment is all paid for by the University of San Diego, being able to benefit from this treatment forces him to live there. Each month costs about $ 5000 US, and his brother Darren has footed the bill for the last two years.

I will run two marathons a day for 60 consecutive days on a treadmill stationed in front of DAX Café, owned and operated by Darren, to raise awareness and funds to help keep Derek on his experimental cancer treatment.

Now, your turn to rock!

Start Running Today

Want to start running, be fit, get stronger, and become somebody nobody thought you could be?

If you’ve always wanted to run and never found the drive or time to start. Now is the time. Don’t wait any longer. Start small and gradually, go longer. I’ve done it on my own with no help, but that’s me. If you need help to start or coaching to get stronger and tougher, I can help you.

Be uncommon

Do you have what it takes to pick a running challenge and overcome it?

If you want to join me on one of my runs, whether it’s for a 10 km or 100 km run, you’re most welcome.


You have skills and you want to use them to help me in my running projects?

Upcoming running projects may need skills I may not have or time I can’t spare. If you want to volunteer, I would be grateful.


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