by | Nov 4, 2022


DAY – 003

Once again, I feel the thrill of the preparation process for a very long run. Since my last one, I’ve been feeling down and useless. But now that I have a new set objective, I’m back to my usual energetic and busy self. I must admit the excitement I’m experiencing has reached a new high, as I will probably have an entire crew with me to film this epic journey. I just hope it does not chicken out on me again. But let’s stay positive.

Mapping the journey will be relatively easy as I must follow one road only, the Ring Route or Route 1. Iceland is beautiful and peaceful. The only thing I will need to be aware of and stay clear of are potential polar bears. There are not many of them, but with my legendary luck, I may very well end up head-to-head with one. These creatures do not scare easily. They will hunt you down, not just to kill you, but to eat you! Anyway, it is better to die on a great project like this one than die old and grey, sick and alone in my bed. When I think about it, polar bears are not the real threat. Fear of these bears is the threat. So I must be vigilant to not succumb to fear, because, in the end, if a polar bear heads for me, there is nowhere to go. It can climb trees (there are not many in Iceland), it can climb over boulders and mountains, it swims perfectly and fast, it runs very fast, and it is aggressive. The bottom line is if one decides to go after me, I will be killed. Actually, I give myself 10% of success in evading or killing it. That’s not much.

First things first. I need to prepare a Keynote presentation to help my potential sponsors understand the magnitude of this project and its genuine awesomeness. The photos and footage we will bring back will be epic, and the fantastic documentary we will cut could be a potential award winner. Potential sponsors should be able to grasp how we can make their brands shine in a completely original setting. The landscapes are absolutely stunning. I need to be in top shape to look good in the film. I also need to get a cool set of outfits, and once again, make 2XU look good.

I also need to work at a good pace to prevent the anxiety I felt in 2019 during my 5,000 km run. I need to be on top of things. Also, I must find the $10,000 I need to complete this run. I must also consider that I may have to run it solo if Green Horizon, my crew, bails out. In any case, nothing about this project will be easy.