Running for My Life: On the extreme road adventure runner Ray Zahab

In Ray Zahab’s world, a comfortable jog is 30 kilometres, a serious marathon is 200 kilometres in extreme conditions, and an honest test of a man’s endurance is running through the Sahara Desert ? all of it. Zahab was once a pack-a-day smoker, but through dedication and persistence, he managed to achieve a level of fitness that allowed him to run in some of the world’s toughest tests of endurance, including the crossing of the entire Sahara Desert on foot. Running for My Life is the story of a man’s journey from a world of partying and hard living to a world of eco-challenges, epic long-distance races, and championships. As a young man, Ray Zahab almost lost himself to excessive drinking and smoking. Then on New Year’s Day of the year 2000, he caught a glimpse of where his partying would lead him and decided to turn his life around. Running for My Life is a brave and bold autobiography that follows Zahab’s travels down the roads to destruction and redemption. It is a book that documents one man’s passion for challenge, distance, and discovery.