Runner’s World Guide to Injury Prevention: How to Identify Problems, Speed Healing, and Run Pain-Free

The last word on preventing and treating running injuries-from the magazine known the world over as the most reliable and authoritative source of running know-how

The world of running-and running injury prevention-has evolved greatly in the last decade. New thinking on injury and recovery suggests that runners can continue to train while injured. And alternative practices-such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage-are now virtually mainstream and an essential part of any runner’s injury arsenal. Not only is the sport dramatically more popular, but women runners and beginning runners-who are a large part of the growth-have very different needs in the areas of injury and health that have not been covered adequately in previous books. Research in sports medicine also has advanced.

All this-and much more–is covered in Runner’s World Guide to Injury Prevention, making it the best, most authoritative guide in the field.

Here you’ll find:
– The most important stretches for runners-and why you should not stretch an injured muscle
– How (and why) to change your biomechanics and stride length
– How to incorporate cross-training to prevent and heal injury
– The most important strength-training exercises for runners
– How to cope with the mental side of injury
– Special concerns for young runners, women, and older Runners
– The newest thinking in hydration

Beginners and veterans alike will benefit from this expert guidance from the cutting edge of sports medicine and science.