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The Long Haul: John Muir Trail (Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfe)

JB Benna’s short film recounts the story of Ultramarathoners Mike Wolfe and Hal Koerner as they set out to run the John Muir Trail in 2013 and best the previously record of 3 Days, 14 hours. The film features interviews with previous record holders and shares the history of this grueling feat. See the beauty, purity and ruggedness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains through their eyes as they struggle to complete this monumental and historic task. Support the making of films like these by purchasing a copy of this or other films.… Featuring music from Typhoon, Glasser, And So I Watch You From Afar, Chris Lashelle, Joshiah Knight, Alex White and Julian Watts. “The Long Haul was GREAT! JB and crew continue to produce the best trail running movies.” – David Horton