by | Sep 30, 2019

Running from Vancouver to Montréal – 2020

5,000 km on asphalt and trails across Canada

So here we are. The massive run I was scheduled to perform last summer (2019), is now back on the calendar and will start on June 1, 2020, 9:am in front of the Vancouver City Hall. This 5,000 km run across Canada will end some 60 days later on the front steps of Montréal’s city hall. But this year, there is a twist…

To push myself even harder and dig even deeper, I decided to run this gigantic distance solo, unsupported, without a crew. Yes I know, I’m nuts, crazy, and all the other adjectives… This new challenge will not only test my physical and mental strength but my survival skills and my ability to cope with prolonged periods of solitude in harsh environments.

I’m very excited at the prospect of kicking asphalt alone and experience the Canadian wilderness for days on end. Yes, it will be very challenging. Yes, it will be dangerous. And, yes, there is a very real possibility that I may not be able to complete this gargantuan task. But that’s what’s exciting about it! Last summer, when I ran thousands of kilometers on a treadmill to help prolong Derek Johnston’s life, I pushed myself in physical and mental areas I never explored before. This mission will be even harder.

Imagine this. Running 5,000 km on roads and trails at the rate of 84 km per day (2 back-to-back marathons) for 60 consecutive days, over the Canadian Rockies, across the Plains, around the Great Lakes, in heat, cold, in rain, in wind, and alone. Now add to this the fact that I’ll be carrying, pushing, and pulling everything I need to survive for two months. That’s gear, food, medical supplies, camping equipment, etc. To make things even more interesting, I’ll be on a very tight budget. No money for 5-star hotels, just a light tent on the side of the road, in ditches, and the occasional shady motel. Yeah, that’s how I plan on spending my next summer. But I can’t wait!

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