Running to Raise Awareness and Funds, One Cause at a Time

Humanitarian Running Missions that help people and organizations in desperate need of support


I don’t run to tick a check box on a workout calendar, try to lose weight, get a finisher’s t-shirt, medals, belt buckles or pats on the back. I don’t care to be the best, unique or earn bragging rights on social media.


What I want is to discover my 100%. In the process, I invest my time, running, endurance, willpower, passion and money in service to those in need.


My objective is to undertake one humanitarian project each year. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, I had to cancel the 2020 and 2021 events.

Although I perform all the running solo, I need your help to raise awareness and funds to help the people and organizations I aim to support.

By the way, I don’t make money from these events. I don’t retain a percentage of the donations either, and I do not receive any fees for my efforts. I have to work and train all year to set aside the time and money to undertake these events. However, if you wish to help fund an event, I will gladly accept.

You can also help me achieve my objectives with your donations to the various causes I assist and by spreading the word, volunteering or running with me.

ONE RUN FOR ONE LIFE is the brand under which I perform all these running events. BRAVEWERK is the entity that creates and manages all my business productions, humanitarian and professional.

Here are a few of my past and upcoming humanitarian projects.


Running the Icelandic Ring Road to Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis
1,400 km
June 3, 2023


Running From Montréal to Quebec City to Help Malik and His Family
270 km
August 25 to 28, 2022


Running 5,000 km on a Treadmill to Help Prolong a Life
5,000 km
June 1 to July 31, 2019

“SELFLESS” Documentary

by Green Horizon

More beautiful stuff on their YouTube channel!

Now, it’s your time to rock!


Do you want to start running, get fit, become stronger, and transform into someone nobody thought you could ever be?

If you’ve always wanted to run and never found the drive or time to start. Now is the time. Don’t wait any longer. Start small and gradually, go longer. I’ve done it on my own with no help, but that’s me. If you need help to start or coaching to get stronger and tougher, I can help you.


Do you have what it takes to pick a running challenge and overcome it?

If you want to join me on one of my regular runs or humanitarian projects, whether it’s for a 10 km or 100 km run, you’re most welcome.


You have skills, and want to use them in my humanitarian running projects?

Upcoming running projects will need skills I may not have or time I can’t spare. If you want to volunteer, I would be grateful.