Running from Vancouver to Montreal

Raising Awareness and Funds to Fight All Forms of Child Abuse

Hello and welcome!

My name is Patrick Michel and I’m an endurance runner.

On June 1st, 2019, I will start running a distance of 5,000 KM, from Vancouver (British Columbia) all the way back to Montreal (Québec) in just about 60 days*. I’m doing this to help raise awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse.

Over the course of this long and tough endurance journey, I will be followed by a filming crew. The footage will be edited into a documentary which will be sold online and 100% of the profits of the movie sales will be donated to a child-focused humanitarian organization.

I can do the running part.

For the rest, I need your help.

Major City Milestones…

*Providing the required funding is obtained through private donations and corporate sponsorships.

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

About my mission

Main objectives of my mission


Run 5000 KM across Canada from Vancouver, BC to Montreal, QC in an effort to raise awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse.


Get your attention, your support, and your help so I can undertake and complete successfully this awesome mission with my team.


Film a documentary about the journey, distribute it online, and donate 100% of the profits of the sales to a child-focused humanitarian organization.

About my mission


Read about who I am, what I’m about, and why I’m undertaking this massive, arduous, and awesome mission.


Running from Vancouver to Montreal is a very difficult task. Seeing what it looks like really puts things in perspective!


I’m the one performing the run, but my team has the crazy task of keeping me going and getting me to the finish line.

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

Latest News

The best way to appreciate and support our efforts is to follow our progress through our daily reports

Planning, training, executing, and raising awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse. Daily.

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

The Cause

Running 120 marathons back to back is nothing in comparison to what children around the world endure daily

Child abuse is unacceptable, it’s wrong, and it’s a crime

I’m running 5000 km across Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the protection of children from all forms of abuse. Thousands of children around the world, riches or poor, suffer in silence from what adults inflict on them daily. This tragedy must be stopped. What are you going to do about it? The protecting children should not be optional in our society. For me, it’s a problem that’s close to home. Beating children, humiliating them, or any other form of abuse inflicted on the innocent is unacceptable. Period.

Children suffering in silence from abuse can no longer be ignored!

Child abuse is not new. Since the dawn of time, adults have preyed on children for many different “reasons”… In principle, no one wants to hurt a child. Still, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of children are screamed at, beaten, insulted, humiliated, assaulted sexually and psychologically every day. These kids throughout the course of their childhood will suffer tremendously and most of them will do so in silence because of fear of additional abuse or because they are prisoners of the code of silence imposed on them by adults. The cruelty inflicted on children will affect them for the rest of their lives and will have many repercussions in their personal relationships as well as in their professional ones. What can be done to help these innocent victims? Where can they go to find shelter from the monsters who prey on them? What kind of assistance can they count on when their entire universe collapses?

When you walk in the street can you tell those who are/were victims of child abuse? Probably not. They can be sitting next to you in class or in your office, screaming in silence from the pain they still experience and incapable of opening up to talk about it from fear of being misunderstood, labeled, and marginalized.

My objective is to raise as much money as I can to fund specific programs that will have an effective impact on these children’s lives. When people abuse children, it is not enough to just take these young away, place them in foster families and say “job done”. These adults must be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

Abuse of children is the most cowardly behavior of all as they have no way to defend themselves. All they can do is take it or run away. None of these solutions should be an option in our “modern” times. Children should have the ability and education to know that child abuse is unacceptable, that they can, and should, speak up, report their abusers, and get protection.

What can be done to help these children and eradicate child abuse? I am no expert at finding solutions to these issues, my expertise is not at all in that area. On the other hand, I was one these children (violence, humiliation, deprivation, and verbal abuse) and I wish I had better options than the ones I was offered when I needed help.

These abused children will continue to suffer for the rest of their lives

During their childhood, surrounded by adults, a very large number of children will suffer one way or another from one or many of the various types of abuse. What really constitutes a crime? In my opinion, any one of them. In fact, if any act listed above was, even mildly, inflicted upon a colleague at work, the abuser would lose his job and probably be prosecuted. Even beating a dog can bring one to justice! So why is it so complicated for child abuse? It shouldn’t be.

Too many children are abused and exploited by many types of adults (parents, sexual exploiters, teachers, priests, “employers”, etc.). Very often over time, the variety of the abuse and the level escalates. That harm creates long-term damage and recurring pain throughout the individual’s life. For example, parents, the worst kind of abusers, in my opinion, will sometimes justify their abusive behavior by saying that it was for the future good of the child, or that they were raised the same way by their own parents and they had no problems (seriously???). They will come up with an excuse like they suddenly lost their mind due to stress at work, from the duress of financial difficulties, or because of alcohol or drug abuse, or “oh, it was just a slap, nothing serious really…”.

I’ll say it clearly for everybody. Any way you slice it, this behavior is unacceptable!

My run across Canada is aimed at raising awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse and to cast the light on how destructive it is for the victims.

Last, this site is not a site where one turns to find solutions to child abuse. There are many organizations out there that do a great job of informing and orienting people who need assistance. Whatever amount of profits that will be generated from your documentary purchases or your donations will go to these organizations.

Child abuse is unacceptable, it’s wrong, and it’s a crime.

The Course

A massive distance to run to raise awareness about an even more massive tragedy

Everyday children around in the world endure in silence many different forms of abuse and Everybody knows about it. Some stay silent, most do nothing!

Running from Vancouver, BC to Montreal, QC probably sounds crazy and impossible. Why would someone attempt such an insane ordeal? Covering on foot a distance equivalent to two marathons per day for 60+ consecutive days seems impossible and dangerous for one’s health. Regardless, I strongly believe that, if properly motivated, consistently visualizing the outcome, and training hard, most seemingly impossible objectives are achievable. Even by a non-elite runner.

On this mission, I will put the theory to the test and run across the country for about 5000 KM, over the Rockies, through the plains, all the way back to Montreal. In doing so, and in addition to raising awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse, I want to set an official FKT (Fastest Known Time) for the journey on the specific route I will be taking.

On June 1st, 2019, I will start running from the Vancouver City Hall and finish in front of the Montreal City Hall, more or less 60 days later.

You too can be part of my journey by helping me, supporting me, and encouraging me along the way.

Vancouver, BC

Thunder Bay, ON

Calgary, AB

Toronto, ON

Regina, SK

Ottawa, ON

Winnipeg, MB

Montréal, QC

A fun and interactive way to raise awareness about a widespread problem

Running across Canada for two months is definitely going to be a transformative experience. The physical and mental commitments are, in themselves, great ways of finding out who you truly are and what you are made of. But my run from Vancouver to Montreal will also take me through villages and towns, in addition to the planned major city stops. I want to seize the opportunity to meet some of the people from these remote and different places and ask them how they feel about what we are attempting and what are their thoughts on child abuse. I’m sure I’ll get a few colorful quotes…

I hope they will join me for a short run, experience the joy of being outside and out of their comfort zones. It will be a great way for me to tell them about what I want to achieve and inspire them to support our efforts by pre-ordering the documentary from which 100% of the profits will go to a child-focused humanitarian organization. So, I hope children, adults, runners, non-runners, men, women, and dogs, come out and kick some asphalt or pound with me. It’s going to be a lot of fun! No need to be an athlete, I’ll run at a slow pace. But if you’re an experienced runner, it will still be fun!

Following me on social media and sharing my mission with others will be essential in getting more people involved. Every “LIKE” and “SHARE”, counts!

Also, I hope to grab the local media’s attention and maybe get a few write-ups or interviews recorded. If I were to appear on TV, it would be a tremendous opportunity to spread my message to more people and, hopefully, exceed my goals!

If you know people in the media, or if you have contacts with municipal, provincial or even federal decision makers, please spread the word and help me reach my objectives.

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

The Runner

Motivation – Preparation – Execution – Success

This mission is not just about running. It’s about raising awareness and funds to fight a horrible behavior that can affect children for the rest of their lives

For a run of this magnitude, physical training is not enough. There must be a strong motivation that drives one to prepare for a long time and in multiple areas in order to have a chance to succeed on such a mission. Find out what is the source of that motivation.

What compels me to run 5000 KM across Canada?

This mission is not just about running. It’s about raising awareness and funds to fight a horrible behavior that can affect children for the rest of their lives

For a run of this magnitude, physical training is not enough. One must be strongly motivated to prepare for such a long time and in multiple areas to have a chance to succeed on such a mission. Find out what is the source of that motivation.

What compels me to run 5000 KM across Canada?

I’ve been an endurance runner for over a decade now. Although I’ve never considered racing, it doesn’t mean I’m not competitive. In fact, I compete mercilessly against myself. Professionally, I’m a strategist and a marketing professional.

On a sunny 2016 November morning, little did I know when I woke up that I was going to embark on the most difficult mission of my life.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been cursed with nightmares and violent dreams about how my parents (mother and stepfather) raised me (violence, verbal abuse, deprivation, humiliation, etc.). To say the least, they had no business having children, considering their views on how to raise them. Once again, I woke up from one of these nightmares. This time, rather than feeling sorry for myself, I was furious, tired of reliving the violence inflicted on me, and I wondered who I would be if I had a “normal” upbringing in a less dysfunctional and destructive environment. I decided on that day that I had to do something to make my pain stop and this something should help other children who, like I did, currently suffer from any form of child abuse.

People say monsters don’t exist. But they do. And sometimes, the worst of them live at home with you and claim they love you.

At the same time, I was unfulfilled, bored, unappreciated, and misunderstood at my job. So much, that on that same day, I walked in the office, resigned on the spot, and walked out.

Fueled by the desire to change things for the better and now free from my toxic job, I decided to undertake the awesome and crazy mission to raise awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse by running 5000 KM across Canada, from Vancouver (BC) to Montreal (QC) over the course of about sixty days.

This massive challenge I set for myself will demonstrate that people who have endured what I have, or other forms of abuse, are amongst the toughest people on the planet and deserve the respect, the understanding, and the help of others who were more fortunate.

The “BRAVEWERK” documentary is an account of my sixty-day endurance journey.

100% of the profits generated from the sales of this documentary will be forwarded to a child-focused humanitarian organization.

I love running long distances, especially in beautiful places. I’ve developed a great tolerance to pain and adversity, which doesn’t mean I’m addicted to pain or obsessed with running (like most people, who know nothing about running, think I am). Endurance running purges me and gives me the strength and the focus I need in my work and in my life in general. Running makes me feel good and makes me a better person. I consider myself a true student of the sport and I really enjoy learning about everything there is to learn about running. Its history, its heroes, its science, etc. What can I say, I’m just very passionate about running! Running is what I love doing. It makes me go to a place where I find who I am. It gives me direction and purpose.

I’ve been living in Canada for over thirty years now, and I’ve never had the opportunity to visit my beautiful country. What better way to really discover and experience the beauty of a nation than to run across it for over two months? There is so much to discover out there. So much to experience. So much to feel. It’s completely different from driving through a country on a highway. You actually get to meet people on the road, in towns in these remote places. It’s going to be exciting! In short, this journey is going to be about running, beauty, and raising awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse. But it will also be about courage, dedication, focus, endurance, teamwork, adaptability, mental strength and much more.

In the months prior to my resignation, I’ve experienced many times a strange and strong feeling of emptiness. It made me start reflecting on my life at length. What have I really accomplished that was truly meaningful? I realized I’ve never actually done anything that really mattered or had a concrete positive impact on society.

And so, this crazy challenge I imagined a few years back started taking form. It has evolved into this massive undertaking that I hope will have a lasting impact on those who need our help the most.

My talents are in marketing and strategy, computer programming, web design, sports photography, and running. I really love the different things I do. So, I decided to put all my talents to work for a cause that is close to home.

You can help me achieve my objectives in various ways:

  • Donating to fund the expedition
  • Preordering the documentary (100% of the profits will be donated)
  • Sharing my mission with as many people as you can
  • Following and sharing my daily news on your social media platforms to help me raise awareness and funds from the sale of the documentary to more people
  • Tracking my progress live and sending me your encouragements while I relentlessly progress across Canada

The support of each one of you counts!
The support of each person you know counts very much as well.
Spread the word as much as possible and be an active contributor in making my journey produce meaningful results for those who desperately need our help. The children of the world.

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

The Crew

It’s going to take a very patient, efficient, and tough crew to get me to the finish line

Fighting effectively all forms of child abuse is going to take the efforts of each one of us

From the starting line in Vancouver, BC to the finish line Montreal, QC, I will rely on the help and support of my entire team. Each member’s specific expertise and purpose will  be essential in so many ways. In addition to the crew on the road with me, a group of professionals will be back in Montreal working hard on public relations and social media, helping spread the word in an attempt to get as much media coverage as possible to raise awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse around the world.

As my team members are confirmed, they will be posted here…

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

The Documentary

BRAVEWERK, The Documentary

Running from Vancouver to Montreal to fight all forms of child abuse

The BRAVEWERK Documentary is a complete account of my mission to run from Vancouver (BC) to Montreal (QC) to raise awareness and funds to fight all forms of child abuse.

Buy the documentary

Preorder it today and be mentioned in the credits as a contributor when the film is released!

19.99 $*

100% of the profits from this sale are donated to a child-focused humanitarian organization

*If for any reason, the BRAVEWERK documentary was not released, every person that preordered it will be reimbursed, or if an individual decides not to be reimbursed, we will consider the amount paid a donation and forward it to a child-focused humanitarian organization.

About the BRAVEWERK Documentary

The BRAVEWERK documentary is a full account of my run across Canada that was triggered by the strong desire to fight child abuse after I woke up one morning tired of having recurring vivid nightmares about my own childhood. The world is plagued with adults preying on children, on parents beating and humiliating their own kids, and monsters sexually abusing and exploiting innocent younglings. What’s wrong with these people? How can we fight the cowards who abuse the innocent under all sorts of unacceptable pretexts and motivations? My run, although extremely tough from a physical and mental perspective, pales in comparison to what many children around the world experience daily from their abusers. These predators are everywhere. Just scan the news. There is not one day that passes without a headline about parents who abused or killed their child or a teacher or a priest that raped a kid. Sexually exploited children throughout the world are screaming in silence for people to help them. My 5000 KM run is about trying to get as many people as possible to listen and help in their own capacity.

By purchasing this documentary, you are telling the world that you care about fighting child abuse in all its forms and everywhere it’s occurring.

With me, be brave and fight!

Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

How you can help

To complete this mission, training with purpose will be of paramount importance

Protecting children from all forms of abuse is going to require better and effective awareness, training, and support programs. Your help is desperately needed.

My mission is by no means a walk in the park. In addition to my requirements for the running part, everything is an expense! Vehicles, crew, filming, gas, nutrition, hydration, medical supplies, camping gear, and so much more, are all part of a budget that needs to be put together very soon or else the mission can’t be undertaken as currently planned. Although I’m not making a cent out of my great awareness campaign, the professionals, equipment, and supplies must be paid for. I will be relying heavily on the financial support and the products from my partners. In addition, I will need the assistance of all the people I know personally and the individuals they know as well. Nothing we need is a luxury and each item has a specific and crucial purpose that helps me get to the finish line in one piece. So again, your help is needed as well as your sharing of my mission on your social media platforms. Thanks in advance from the entire team!

Help me reach my objectives

Supporting my mission

Support the project by donating an amount of money to fund the expedition and the documentary’s production-related hard costs. All the money contributed will be strictly applied to everything required to support a crew anywhere between 5 and 7 individuals for about 60 days.

Without this funding, I can’t undertake this journey!

Pre-ordering the documentary

By pre-ordering the documentary, you will have your name in the end-credits as contributors to the mission. Those purchasing the documentary after the journey is completed will not have their names in the credits (for obvious reasons).

100% of the profits go to a child-focused humanitarian organization.

Corporate Partnership

Being associated with cool attempts, extraordinary events, and people who push their limits past what is conceivable is a great way to capture the attention of millions of people and increase notoriety and sales.

Sharing is caring

Share and Follow

You may know people who have influence or you are probably connected to many individuals via your social media platforms. By spreading the word to all these people, you are helping us reach a large number of potential supporters and fans who, in turn, can help me in my efforts.

No child deserves to be abused!

Without sharing my mission, no one will ever know about it…

Your support is critical to the success of my mission and I thank you in advance for your help.

Partnering with me

Would you like to work with us as a partner and be part of an epic journey?

Contact us so we can provide you with the proper access credentials. Thanks in advance for your interest!

Your support is critical to the success of my mission and I thank you in advance for your help.


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Your support is critical to the success of my mission.

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